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United States
Current Residence: On a prison colony in the future where I just have to fight for the rest of my life
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Personal Quote: "Ophelia from Romeo x Juliet is what happens when you Ribbons Almark Mint Adenade."

I currently have 58 llamas and I have no idea what that means.
Here’s this thing, in case you haven’t seen it already:  chichichichipndale.deviantart.…

This version of Blair still cares about Sophia in a creepy lesbian kind of way.  It's very likely that she programmed the Fumigation phase to take a little bit longer than it actually had to just so she could see Sophia’s young, soft, ripe, smooth, supple, curvy, perky glistening body for a couple more seconds.  At the same time, she has this twisted protective mother complex since she’s the lead programmer and Sophia is one of her babies.  That’s what the whole kicking business was alluding to.  When the Redeemer voiceover is saying “Still alive,” you can picture her smiling happily to herself and caressing the big freaky glass chamber under her dress (hurrr subtlety).

I was actually considering making Blair a villain when I was writing the first SO3 story years ago.  Luther is able to hijack Sophia when she touches the Sacred Orb, and Blair was the one who tipped the team off about OPAs in the PS2 game.  Conspiracy and intrigue.

Blair came up with the Redeemer's iron maiden gimmick mainly so it would fit in with the religious zealot motif Luther started.  Blair did want the debugging process to be pleasant for Sophia (in a relative sense) and she was concerned about silly stuff like making sure the conversion soup was a comfy temperature and everything smelled nice.  Things changed once she had to start using repurposed space dragon gak for source code, but she was hoping it wouldn’t have to go that far and she did what she could to filter it.  If you’re a character in the Eternal Sphere, dragon gak on its own won’t be enough to mutate you and rewrite your personality (it would probably just melt your face or something).  The Redeemer processes the dragon gak with additional Connection exploits to turn it into a more Sophia-friendly form.  The Redeemer’s AI identified Sophia as a bigger threat because she had too much autonomy, and Blair underestimated her power as a cross-dimensional magical girl with meteor-summoning spells.  Therefore, girl + spontaneous Tron bukkake = maniacal devoted girl with partial space dragon DNA.  She’s like Agent Smith crossed with Harley Quinn, with a little bit of Venom thrown on top.

Blair breaks character in some of her Redeemer lines because Sophia is the only one who can hear her.  Notice the italics during the part where she goes in and out of character.  A few "Blairdeemer" lines are supposed to be ambiguous as to if she's is just playing up the godmother-angel gimmick, or if she's going into creeper overload and actually imagines Sophia as a delicate life developing inside of her.

Welch is on the Lansfelds’ side a lot more compared to my first story, so she’s safe.  She thinks the Redeemer concept is icky but necessary.  The shower curtains were her idea and Blair decided to incorporate it. She knows she works for crazy people, but that’s just the Truman Show-esque dystopian future she lives in.  When you’re a character in a grimdark fanfic written by a guy who’s current favorite movies are Edge of Tomorrow and Snowpiercer, you just learn to deal with shit.  Maybe that's why she seems to spend more time hanging out in the Eternal Sphere than in her own dimension. 

Welch is
one of the system admins at Sphere Corp, but she tried to ignore most of the big event because she doesn’t like seeing bad things happening to her virtual BFF.  She hates when people bring it up because in the 4D world, the video log has been professionally edited with “Bitter Dance” as its soundtrack and it’s frequently played on Eternal Sphere: After Hours.  The daytime version only shows Sophia's "risque" silhouette from the curtained video, followed by the part where she goes Robert Patrick on everyone with no censorship whatsoever (durrr satire).  It’s the big hit with the viewers, but I’m not sure if it happened because Luther wanted to make an example of Sophia or Blair was just being weird again.  Sophia probably doesn't know about it since she never leaves the game world anymore, but it wouldn't really matter anyway.  Her new personality makes her totally cool with selling herself for Sphere Corporation propaganda.

Sophia probably still roommates with Welch when she’s not out virus-busting like in my first fanfic.

Why did Luther ever agree to Blair’s convoluted plan when he could have just locked down Sphere HQ and had his guards team shoot everyone on Fayt’s team, you ask?  Because it’s fucking Star Ocean 3, that’s why.

The "Sophiacendence" title is a product of my dumb habit of combining the names of characters with other words.  In this case it's a reference to Transcendence, that Johnny Depp movie that has the exact same storytelling problems as Gundam SEED Destiny (like a "villain" who's never really established as a villain, and a group of "heroes" the audience is supposed to relate to even though they're essentially ultra-paranoid crackpot terrorists).  Previous examples of this were Mariasynthesis, Akanemorphosis, and Shirleygeddon.

Yes, that was an Otacon cameo.

Yes, that was a Ghostbusters reference.  I got the idea from those necromancers in the Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC that yell random Day the Earth Stood Still lines when they’re attacking you.

No, I have no plans to continue the story at this time.

General inspirations for this story include the lab design from the Dead or Alive games, the scientist lady from the Soul Taker anime, and that scene in Perfume: Story of a Murderer where the dude kills a chick and puts her in an oil vat in attempt to extract her virginal scent.  I also enjoy reading Ursula K. Le Guin novels and watching Disney films.
  • Listening to: Larry Greene - Through the Fire

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